Audio Mastering & Mixing Services

The Anthill offers professional mastering and mixing services at an incredibly afforadble price.


Q. What is mastering?

A. Mastering is the final process in recording production that makes the product ready for public release. after you finish your mix, the recording will have inconsistancies of volume and equalization between track to track this will need to be adjusted to give your final product an overall consistancy and quality that you cannot acheive without prefessional mastering. Even if you just have one track, this needs to be brought up to the industry standard in volume and quality. Simply mixing your track isn't enough.

Q. What does mastering entail?

A. Mastering entails Equalization, Dynamic Range Adjustments, Maximization, and Dithering.

The first step is the EQ. This is based on years of experience and state-of-the art frequency analyzation and a finely tuned ear.

Then the dynamic range and maximization are what makes your tracks sound loud, or hot. This is achieved by multiband compression and limiting to make the signal as "loud" as possible without "coloring" the sound in a negitive way. This must be done in close attention to the equalization step as to insure maximum results.

Dithering is a step that many people have never even heard of, but is an essential step and is especially important when projects have been recorded in one bit rate and will be converted to a lower bit rate. Many recordings today are recorded in 24 bit. When you are making your CD or converting to other file types like MP3, you are most likely going to be converting 24 bit to 16 bit audio. To do this without quality loss, your tracks MUST be dithered. When you convert from a higher bit rate to a lower bit rate there can be noise or artifacts in your recording that are not always especially obvious, but if listening on high quality equipment you can hear unwanted noise or a loss of clarity in sound.  

Q. How much does your mastering cost?

A. My mastering fees are incredibly affordable at only $20 per song. I guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.

Q. What kinds of masters do you make?

A. I can provide you with a Master CD, burned at slow speed for highest reliability on a high quality CD-R. This can include crossfades between tracks, pauses between tracks if requested and even hidden tracks. 

I can also provide you with “Web” masters in multiple formats ready for services such as, Bandcamp, Amazon and Itunes. This includes web delivery of your project in multiple formats, wav (24 and 16 bit), flac (24 and 16 bit) and mp3. Other formats are available upon request.

I can also provide Cassette Masters! Cassette masters are created in real time and optimized for analog cassette. Many indie rock and DIY musicians are going back to cassette for a unique format. I can actually provide you with a master on cassette, or a CD or digital tracks optimized for cassette duplication.

Q. Do you offer samples?

A. Yes, check the many before and after samples in the upper right for free. Also, if you would like hear how one of your tracks will sound when mastered, for $5 I will give you a 30 second sample of one of your songs. If you are happy and want to continue with the mastering, the $5 will be taken off of your balance and put towards your completed project.. If you decide not to use my services, there is no refunding of the $5 fee.


Do you have a project that you need mixed? Can't get those levels quite right? I provide full digital mixing services from any digital stem source!